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A little background on the following text exchange:  Lisa’s fortieth birthday was August 17, so we had a girls’ trip planned for the weekend of August 20 to New Orleans.  So, in this text exchange we are discussing what songs we might sing at karaoke on Friday night at the Cat’s Meow in New Orleans.

Lisa: I just baked a choc chip poundcake and it’s the fucking BOMB DIGGITY.

I will take your silence as solid approval.


Marianne: Sorry I was at the in-laws.

Fuck do I love choc chip pound cake

Btw, I  loved your email. It was totally the right message. (see the bottom of this post where Lisa sends a warning email to all of the girls going on the trip)

Lisa: Ok good.

I can’t even believe how good it is.

Marianne:  Well, you know you have my approval on any kind of chocolate chip cake.

Lisa: I’m practicing for karaoke night by belting it out in my kitchen.

Leavin by Jesse McCartney, I’m embarrassed to say. But I love that song! It’s my dirty little secret. I love the practicing in the kitchen.  No one else sets foot in here. So I’m safe.

Marianne: I am not familiar with the ditty you’re referring to.

It’s not Leaving on a Jet Plane, is it?  Bc that song is a classic going on the road song.  As seen on Armageddon

Lisa: Of course you aren’t. You’d be embarrassed for me.

Lisa: Haha. No. It’s totally boy band shit.

Marianne: Dude, dont be embarrassed.  I love that “i’d take a grenade for you” song.

Lisa: That song is good.  I’m also considering Mr. Brightside by the Killers.

Marianne: Mr brightside is an excellent choice

Lisa: It would rock the house.

Marianne: Fo’ sho’

Lisa: Have to consider the atmosphere

Marianne: Yes. That’s key

Lisa: How about Gold Digger?

Marianne: Haha!  Yes!

See him on tv any given Sunday. Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai


Marianne: If you ain’t no punk, Holla we want prenup we want prenup!!

Lisa: That song cracks me up.

Marianne: It’s hilarious

Lisa: 5 kids and I gotta take all they fat asses to Showbiz?!!

Marianne: Haha!  I dont love you hoes!

I love that line so much.  I can’t help myself.

Lisa: Me too. For the record, I’m offended. But I love it.

Marianne: Right. Snoop Dogg is EXTREMELY offensive to women

But I love him.

Lisa: Me too. I love Tha Doggfather.

Note: Here is the email Lisa sent out before our trip to New Orleans:

Hi Ladies-
Just a few thoughts on New Orleans…
I’d really like this to be a “see where the day takes us” kind of trip.  I don’t want to have a strict itinerary, but I do want to have some walking/ shopping time, pool time, drinking and dancing, casual eating, more drinking, naps, etc.  We certainly don’t have to all hang out together all weekend.  If people want to split off and do their own thing, that’s fine with me.  I’m not planning on any fancy dinners, or fanciness of any kind.  Please don’t look fancy.  NO is high in crime.  It is also dirty and full of poverty and panhandlers.  Don’t talk to someone who says, “I can tell you where you got your shoes.”  That person wants money.  Don’t ask me how I know this.  😉   I am bringing fake jewelry and that’s it.  I’m not saying that my fake jewels aren’t awesome, but if they get stolen I’m not going to be heartbroken.  I will probably carry a purse but it will be one that I can keep close to my body. 
I became aware at our Disneyland trip last week of just how much I go on “auto-pilot” and let Brad take the lead.  So even though I have been to NO plenty of times, I’m not the best at directions or knowing what’s where.  I did download a French Quarter app on my phone so that should help.  Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in, because we will be walking the quarter.  Everything is close to our hotel, so walking is the mode of transport we will probably use most.  Unless we are all hammered and can’t figure out how to get back to the Omni, then maybe a taxi is the answer.
Again, NO is high in crime, so just assume that everyone we come into contact with is armed.  Just kidding, but there is some truth there.  Let’s keep it cool at all times.  No popping-off (side-eye to you, Marianne). No courting trouble or getting in fights.  The last thing any of us wants to do is bail someone out of jail or take someone to the hospital.
It’s going to be hotter than balls there, so dress and hair accordingly.  This is not a weekend to look pretty, it’s a weekend to have fun.  Don’t bother spending too much time on hair and makeup unless you’re fine with it melting all over the place. Drink lots of water and please help me to do the same.  It’s my 40th bday, but I don’t want to waste any of the short time we have there by being too drunk or too hung over to function.  Help me know when to say when!
Thanks to all of you for making this happen.  I had a lot of friends who told me they would, but you gals are the ones who came through for me and I really do appreciate that.  It means a lot to me.  Hearts are flying out of me right now (as Connor used to say).

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Jolee BurgerSeptember 6th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

So are ya’ll saying that Snoop Dogg sang Gold Digger? I just want to be clear on this matter.

MarianneSeptember 6th, 2011 at 6:11 pm

No. I was quoting Gin & Juice when I said “I don’t love you hoes!”

MarinaSeptember 6th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

I just need you both to know: I am not worthy! I am not worthy! You ladies are queen of hip hop!

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